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Art of Cleaning Identifying Soil & Cleaning  12 Minutes

Video Procedures

Deep-Cleaning Carpets - Tantum-1
One-Chemical Does It All - 13 Min

Ultra Gloss "Wet Look" Floor Finish System
Tech Info & Step-By-Step Procedure - 28 Min

Ultra Gloss Key Points of Application

Restroom, Shower, & Pool Deck Cleaning - 15 Min

Restroom, Shower, & Pool Deck Cleaning - 20 Min

Removing Soil Film From Mirrors & Glass - 1 Min

Foam Washing Shower Walls - 1 Min.

Rejuvenating Stainless Steel  - 2 Min

Greasy Floor Cleaning Video 10 Min
Hot Water Tricks You Into Thinking All Grease is Gone

Patching Concrete
Step-by-Step Preparation & Repair  - 13 Min

Concrete Crack Chasing

Written Procedures

Ultra Gloss Procedure Manual

Ultra Gloss Starter Kit Procedures & MSDS

Walls 'N All Foam-Washing Walls

Washing Greasy or Oily Surfaces 

Patching Concrete
Step-by-Step Preparation & Repair

Cleaning Up Blood and Vomit 

Informational Videos

Important Facts About Wet Mops 


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