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Pam Kennedy and Mike Zanche, the leadership team at Gabriel First Corp.
Pam Kennedy & Mike Zanche

The Gabriel First Corp. Leadership Team

Welcome to Gabriel First Corp., a long-standing, family-owned company committed to providing top-quality products and exceptional customer service. We prioritize quality over quantity, offering the finest commercial cleaning products currently available on the market.


At Gabriel First, our team of industry experts have developed, tested, and perfected carefully crafted formulas to increase cleaning efficiency and decrease overhead costs. This ultimately leads to significant savings and increased profitability for your business.


When it came time to pass the torch, it was important to continue Gabriel’s values and commitment to quality. Siblings Pam and Mike have taken the reins and are dedicated to growing the business while maintaining the personal touch we’re known for. They’ve continuously expanded our digital knowledge base and enhanced the website’s user experience while still providing the personalized experience our customers deserve.


Experience the difference Gabriel First Corp. provides and see how our expertise and dedication can positively impact your cleaning needs. Join our family of satisfied customers today!

Gabriel First Corp.'s History

To write a bio on only one brother would be like writing about Dr. Watson without mentioning Sherlock Holmes. For over 50 years, the Zanche brothers have combined their diverse talents and common upbringing to forge a unique concept for serving facility owners and workers across America. Joe leads the company research and development and technical support departments… He has a chemistry degree from St. Bonaventure University. Gabe manages the marketing, advertising, and training programs… He has a business administration degree from Niagara University.

The unsung heroes behind the team were their parents, Rose and Emilio, who taught them that the value of life is about serving in the best interest of your family, friends, and fellow man. Ambition and the desire to make life better for their families is what launched the brothers as young entrepreneurs. Thereafter, years of hands-on experience transformed their entrepreneurial ambitions into a company mission of helping customers succeed far beyond their wildest expectations. Today, the Gabriel Team helps custodians enrich their skills and optimize their efficiencies and job quality… All of which translates into elevated self-confidence.

Photo of Joe and Gabe Zanche, founders of Gabriel First Corp.
Joe & Gabe Zanche | Founded Gabriel in 1964

Joe and Gabe are unyielding in their efforts to upgrade the way marketing and sales are done in the Jan/San industry. They believe that a vendor needs to focus on selling only the fewest number of the highest-performing chemicals and products that current technology allows—reinforced with real-time internet training and professional customer support.


For over 50 years, the Gabriel organization has been selling its products without the use of traveling sales representatives by continuously honing their direct marketing and customer support skills… Early-on, during the telephone communications revolution, Gabriel had telephone conferencing equipment custom built so that its seasoned trainers were able to inexpensively share their expertise via distance-learning teaching classes. A value-added service, that includes education and training video pieces that are free to our customers or anyone who wishes to correctly learn the housekeeping profession.


The brothers envision tomorrow’s vendor being able to combine management systems, education, training, and behavioral science initiatives into a set of beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses for optimum staff empowerment. Because labor is 95% of housekeeping costs, the Zanche brothers work to set an example for tomorrow’s Jan/San vendors to function as professionals who offer only high-performance chemicals and products supported by proven education and training programs. Training needs to be pegged to a product’s ability to perform and upkeep costs need to be determined before a client makes a purchase of most anything for a building.


During new construction, housekeeping systems need to be designed so that staff training programs can be put into play before a facility is occupied. And, there needs to be an ongoing staff performance evaluation and training upgrade program throughout the years of occupancy. Basically, filling in the gaps among the architect, engineer, and manufacturers of products used in facilities.

Gabriel customers are able to generate savings that catch the attention of administrators, business managers, and building owners. Cleaning contractors are able to meet contract specifications and still make a profit.

The majority of customer savings

Reduction in Chemical Consumption
0 %
Reduction in Chemical Costs
0 %
Increase in Staff Productivity (sometimes more than double)
0 %

Gabriel-guided managers are confident of their teams’ abilities to meet the challenges brought on by the risk of potential health scares.

A chronology of business enterprises that shaped how Gabriel evolved

Residential and commercial painting.

Commercial Janitor Service.

Carpet Cleaning Service.

Seamless (liquid) floor installation.

Commercial & Industrial vinyl-backed doormat laundry rental service.

Catalog sales of janitor products and equipment.

Janitor Staff Training: On-Site & Remote Learning Workshops.

Formulating and marketing of Gabriel brand products.

Consulting Services.