The Art Of Cleaning

Removing Soil Removes Germs
Cleaning Is Housekeeping's Foundation

Whether it is maintaining beautiful floors at an affordable cost or keeping restrooms odor-free, the common thread is maximum soil removal.

Soil defeats cleaning success

A staff educated and trained on the proper use of products will be equipped to achieve superb results at the lowest costs ever.


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Routine Floor Cleaning

With Autoscrubber or Wet Mop

Restroom Cleaning

One Page Printable Procedure

A complete education and training on the fundamentals for cleaning and odor-free lavatories, bathrooms or restrooms. Excellent for preparing new employees or strengthening the skills or current employees.

Washing & Mopping Excellence

Topics Covered: Identifying soil types, spots versus stains, types of soil, types of detergents, the job of water in cleaning, a review of washing & mopping tools, and bathroom & shower cleaning.

Detergent Cost Calculator

Click Here to calculate the cost of mixing up a gallon (diluting) of usable of solution of any detergent.

Online training for commercial cleaners

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