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A Clean Facility Costs the Least to Keep Clean

A Clean Facility Has the Best Sales Appeal

Last month, I wrote about how a clean facility is one of the best ways to minimize Loss Prevention because if a surface is clean it helps prevent accidents as well as minimize the availability of germs.

Today, I would like to discuss how a well-executed cleaning program helps cut labor and chemical costs up to 50% or more.

A truly clean surface is safe, sanitary, and odor-free. Soil is a substance residing where it is not wanted. e.g. Jelly in a donut versus jelly on the floor. The key for success is to minimize the availability of soil.

Our eyes can readily see red juice on the floor as soil, but invisible detergent “soap” residue on a surface is also soil. A sticky “soap” residue pulls grit from passing traffic, holds it tightly, and causes a sand paper effect as the traffic grinds off the floor finish.

All detergents are NOT equal in performance, and partial-clean is not an option when cost control is an issue. The most expensive (gallon price) may be the least expensive to use (labor cost). Conversely, the least expensive to buy may be the most expensive to use. Check out our free chemical cost calculator.

The best performing detergent will be mixed with cold water and, when used properly, will remove all of the soil and not leave a soil-collecting after-film residue. Also, a follow-up fresh water rinse WILL NOT be required if the cleaning tools are the correct ones, best quality, and working properly.

Since labor is generally 95% of your cleaning costs and chemicals are 5%, total up your yearly expense for detergents, floor finish, wax stripper, etc. and use this handy calculator.

Here is what customers have reported to us about how they have improved their custodial program using the Gabriel program:

  1.  As much as a doubling of staff productivity.
  2.  Cut chemical cost up to 50% or more.
  3.  A dramatic decrease in slip-related accidents.
  4.  A clean, safe, and odor-free facility.

As always, thank you for allowing me this visit.