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How a Custodian Should Prepare for Flu Season

In the fall of the year, pharmaceutical giants team up with government agencies to announce a soon-to-arrive flu bug. The warning is helpful, but it is not a world-ending declaration. We can take commonsense action to lessen the threat.

Proper custodial procedures are the first line of defense for staving off the perils of germ invasion. A secondary approach is to urge facility users to focus on washing soil from their hands and surfaces using soap and water.

Here are my humble thoughts for dealing with the threats of an approaching flu season:

  1. Since our immune systems make great drugs to fight germs, let us be more proactive about developing better eating habits. Immune systems need to inventory good nutrients in order to make the drugs needed to neutralize invading germs.
  2. To minimize the number of germs our bodies ingest, we need to minimize the availability of soil which contain the germs. A clean surface is virtually free of soil–thus free of germs.

A detergent solution must be able to remove soil and not leave a soil residue.

TQH Certified Detergents, mixed with cold water, are able to achieve residue-free results.

Bottom Line: Removing soil removes germs! If we wash surfaces properly (and more frequently during flu season), germ counts will be low enough for our immune systems to perform germ control without being snowed under.

As always, thank you for allowing me this visit.