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Essays For Cleaning Professionals

MRSAA Pragmatic Response to the Scare

Posted By Gabe Zanche: Nov 04 2014

Nature Has NOT Changed Soil-Misinformation Has Led to Lax Cleaning Practices The message may be applied to any building... Home, School, Church, Office, Gym, Restaurant, etc. Many cleaning chemical sales people seem to portray disinfectant-detergents as awesome, almost magical, germ killers&mdas ..

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History of Why Neutral Detergents Were Developed

Posted By Gabe Zanche: Oct 03 2014

Most Likely...Its Not What You Have Been Told Some 30+ years ago, most floors were protected with natural waxes. The most used natural wax was made from carnauba, also called Brazil wax or palm wax. The wax is harvested from the leaves of the carnauba palm. Carnauba wax was soft and scuffe ..

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Best Strategy For The Next Flu Season

Posted By Gabe Zanche: Oct 02 2014

How a Custodian Should Prepare for Flu Season In the fall of the year, pharmaceutical giants team up with government agencies to announce a soon-to-arrive flu bug. The warning is helpful, but it is not a world-ending declaration. We can take commonsense action to lessen the threat. Proper c ..

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Removing Soil... ...Removes Germs

Posted By Gabe Zanche: Oct 01 2014

Rule #1 For Safe Facilities & Odorless Restrooms... ...Dont Clean With A Disinfectant Removing Soil...Removes Germs Disinfectant and/or Neutral Detergents Can Be At the Heart of Germ & Odor Problems Restrooms  ..

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Surviving Deep Budget Cuts Made Easier

Posted By Gabe Zanche: May 14 2014

Thomas Edison is quoted for saying, "There's a way to do it better... find it!". Employing the mindset of foreign opinions breed fresh ideas usually leads to big rewards. So, you have been asked to do more with less... What a concept! But, remember... Necessity is the mother of invention. T ..

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Making Green Work In Your Best Interest

Posted By Gabe Zanche: Apr 15 2014

What comes first? Green or Results? How do government agencies advocate the transition into green chemicals? I asked the former NY State Director of Environmental Services, Kurt Larson, to contribute his thoughts. The following is Kurts message: The dictionary states that green may be some ..

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