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If Gabriel First Corp. was a hospital, it would be a teaching hospital; If it was a college, it would be an institution where facility managers and supervisors would attend to work together, under the rules of chemistry, physics, biology, and behavioral science to discover better products, job techniques, and teaching and motivational practices; If it was a trade school, it would offer a curriculum to help students prepare for a career in facility services.

The Gabriel Total Quality Housekeeping program has evolved into a “cash cow” for our customers. If the program is followed, the savings are astonishing. Compared to products normally offered by national brand manufacturers, Gabriel customers are able to save up to 50% or more on chemicals. Labor productivity increases as much as double. The TQH Program also helps reduce non-chemical product usage.

Beyond remarkable savings, are the facility achievements: Cleanliness beyond all previous levels; a pragmatic and effective approach to dealing with germs to prevent pandemic panicking; excellent floor safety; and total odor elimination without the use of odor counteractants.

I am always excited when I encounter the exuberance of custodians showing me what they accomplished using our products. As MasterCard likes to say, “Its Priceless”.

Housekeeping costs usually break out to be about 95% labor and 5% materials. Therefore, we try to spend 95% of our time with customers teaching, training, and guiding. We are deeply committed to preparing and guiding customers to excel in job performance and cost administration.

If a competent vendor is used, very little time should have to be spent on selecting products. The laws of science do not change. Therefore, grease, oil, animal fats, will always melt and spread in hot water and rise to the surface in cold water. Consequently, cold water cleaning will get a better job done in less time.

Nature has only two soils–acid and alkaline. Once a cleaning product helps you remove all the soil each time you clean, the only advancement left is to improve detergent concentration and continue lessening negative effects on nature. Product improvements are quickly factored into our education and training programs.

When it comes to protecting facility surfaces or choosing surface coverings that will minimize upkeep costs, we are always there for our customers to discuss product selections and/or protective practices.

The bottom line in todays message is that saving money does not correlate with buying cheap. Minimizing custodial costs is all about using the fewest number of the best performing products. This is the cornerstone of our practice. Click here for an easy way to determine true detergent costs.

Gabriel is prepared and disciplined to spend quality time with you teaching, training, and guiding on the use of high-performance products. We have a proven track record of helping customers keep their expenditures lower than they would have ever imagined. Here is an example provided by one of our customers.

To keep our prices low without having to cut the quality of our products, we teach and train via our TQH Distance Learning Center. Our Technical Service Group provides toll-free telephone support and professional guidance.

You may also enjoy listening to our customers as they make comments about the TQH Program.

We look forward to an opportunity to serve you.

Thank you for allowing me into your day.