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Were excited when customers say”Things are clean and bright and we are saving money as promised”.

We are excited when customers get better results spending less money. We thrive on hearing customers speak with confidence and pride.

The Gabriel Total Quality Housekeeping (TQH®) System has no equal when it comes to helping customers cut labor and material costs up to 50% or more and elevating staff performance to never-before-achieved heights in cleanliness, safety, and aesthetics.

Custodians should use only a very small number of products… But, the products MUST be at the high-performance level… And, staff needs to receive professionally-arranged education and training before using the products… All of which are the cornerstone of TQH.

What is the TQH System? Its a small set of high-performance products supported by the Gabriel Education & Training Staff and our Technical Team. We work with customers to optimize custodial staff productivity and job quality.

Do we have proof (references)? Yes. All you may want.

Do we guarantee our claim? Absolutely. Each Starter Kit comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Whats the catch?  Nothing really. We offer only the best performing products that technology allows. We always put customer support and custodial education and training ahead of product ordering.

Are you assigned a sales representative? No. Experience has taught us that trained people migrate toward good products… They do not need a traveling or telephone sales person forever soliciting them for an order. We channel money towards developing high-performance products and optimal custodial education and training programs.

With whom do you communicate? Whenever you contact us, you will be interacting with a veteran professional focused on providing guidance only in a customers best interest.

When will you know that the TQH System is unique? When you try one of our products.

Where does someone start? Call us for references and then check us out… Our customer base is a great resource for formulating a mental picture of who we are and the level to which your team can excel using the TQH System.

Let us help your custodial team become the best that they have ever been… For about half of what you are now spending.

Thank you for allowing me into your day.