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Municipal & Utilities Vehicles, Outbuildings

Government and quasi-government facilities may conjure thoughts of uniquely different internal operations, but when it comes to housekeeping and sanitation practices, the bottom line is that soil is basically the same most everywhere. Soil is something that is not wanted where it is found and needs to be removed thoroughly, safely, and efficiently.

Facility custodial practices may be similar but the public service responsibility creates a diversion in the intensity of an operation. For example, a factory may have one ride-on floor sweeper for the warehouse and parking lot areas whereas a department of public works may have a hundred or more of the same or similar units. Washing one unit may be done by hand and rinsed with water from a garden hose, but washing great numbers of units cost-effectively will take a vehicle washing system that may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What remains the same in all of this is that detergent and water is used to remove soil from where it is not wanted to where it is OK—down the drain. “The same detergent that we use for washing walls and mopping floors”, you ask? Yes. Gabriel high-performing cold water detergents totally remove soil without leaving a left-behind soil residue.

The things that may be different are the surfaces and the equipment used to perform the tasks. Management’s responsibility is to make sure that the detergent is high-performance and the equipment is safe and efficient so that the task is achieved for the lowest possible cost.

As far as facility surfaces are concerned, bare concrete or block surfaces usually work out to be the most unsanitary as well as the most expensive to maintain. Gabriel Concrete Advisors have been well-trained in the field and are committed to achieving the best results for the lowest cost.

We could write volumes about correcting concrete problems and the best upkeep practices. Ultimately, we will need to investigate a problem prior to recommending a path forward. Patching must be permanent and coatings must adhere and not peel. Coatings must stand up to traffic and resist chemicals to which they are exposed. Finally, upkeep must be practical, effective, and sustainable in order to safeguard your overall investment.

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