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Custodians function in-and-around the users of their facilities with a special dedication. Custodians are noted for their skills at preparing for special events. Within minutes after an event, they can be found restoring normal furniture and seating arrangements, cleaning floors and restrooms, and, in a normal stride, provide the final touches for making things look as though nothing had taken place.

On a normal day, custodians perform their work from a list of standard and custom tasks such as cleaning classrooms, washing restroom fixtures and surfaces, dust mopping and washing floors, and/or vacuuming carpets. The duties can be endless, but their commitment to those whom they serve is appreciated.

The objective of the Gabriel Total Quality Housekeeping® (TQH®) System is to provide custodians with Education, Training, Technical Support, and a family of high-performance products that will allow them to achieve supreme and safe results, in less time, and for up to 50% less labor and material costs.

The Gabriel TQH System will help you achieve housekeeping excellence for less than your current costs.

Click Here for a 9-Year customer’s cost spreadsheet of how they are saving over 50%.

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