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Specialty Chemicals

When the job is super-tough, these chemicals are super-great.
Use only when all else fails to work as needed.
Always speak with a Gabriel Techincal Advisor before buying.

Freezer Floor Washing Solution

Freezer Floor Wash No. 5555-9001

From 32°F to many degrees below 0°F, you will experience superb results. Use straight from the bottle—do not mix with water—for a thorough removal of frozen, built-up soil and grease.
Freezer Floor Wash No. 5555-9001
Sold 4 gallons to a case.

Terrazzo Sink Base Surface Repair Kit

Sink Kote

Resurface a terrazzo wash sink to prevent leaks and/or surface erosion as well as making regular cleaning much easier. A Gabriel Sink Kote resurfaced sink will be ready to use in 24 hours.

Sink Kote Kit No. 1300-73 1 sink or 2 half sinks

Kit Contents:

  • Clear filling & leveling liquid.
  • Wire scrub brush & gloves.
  • Hand trowel & paint roller.
  • Disposable paint brush.
  • Mixing tool to fit hand drill.
  • Video & written procedures.
  • Chemicals to remove soap scum,
    oils, and other soils.

Ice Melter Residue Remover Detergent Concentrate

Winter Rinse

Ice melter residue sticks and holds grit. Traffic will grind the grit into the floor finish causing a powder mixture that, when mixed with water, turns into a hard-to-remove white paint-like bonded film of dirt.

Winter Rinse will thoroughly remove an ice melter residue and leave a clean surface. Winter Rinse helps prevent ugly results as well as save costly labor. A Winter Rinse solution may also be used to neutralize and remove a white wax stripper after-film residue.

4546-0301 Winter Rinse 1 oz. per gallon water

To Remove Mastic or Heavy Grease Accumulation


Scrubbing with a Pursue-323 solution will reach superb results in record time. Follow up with a cold water scrubbing using a Fast-1-2-3 EFP Detergent solution. Rinse well with fresh cold water and the surface will become remarkably clean.

Use Pursue-323 to remove most floor mastics. Always test before attempting mastic removal.

Pursue-323 No. 5555-03 1 GL and 55 GL Drum

Carpet Spotting Kit

Carpet Spotting Kit

When standard carpet cleaning procedures do not remove a spot and/or gum buildup, success may be achieved by using one or more of the chemicals in the Gabriel Carpet Spotting Kit.

Having the kit on a shelf is like having insurance against the perils of spot or gum removal failure.

Kit No. 1300-4403 Carpet Spotting Kit

Because of the extremes to which specialty chemicals may be subjected, we urge you to consult with a Gabriel Technical Advisor prior to moving forward with the purchase of any of the above items. Call 800-873-2000