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Where Cleanliness is the Lifeblood of Survival

Photo of a durty floor and a clean floor

In real estate, it is location, location, location. In retail, location is of utmost importance, but equally important is cleanliness which fosters positive appeal and public safety. Cleanliness is a form of advertising and the value of which needs to be consciously examined.

A clean retail facility is somewhat like a special friend or loved one—you are attracted to it and feel positive and trusting when you shop there. Cleanliness triggers positive emotions and offensive conditions triggers irritating emotions, distrust, shopper’s doubt, and buying hesitation.

Often, managers express their frustration about their housekeeping conditions by saying “We do our utmost to keep things clean, safe, and presentable but seem to always fall short”. Einstein has been credited with saying, “The Definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Conversely, if the correct product and tools are provided AFTER the appropriate education and training is imparted to a staff, sanity and ultimate success will prevail.

Gabriel is committed to guiding in the best interest of its customers. We offer only high-performance products that are supported with our industry-leading Education & Training Library developed by veteran field-experienced technicians.

From maintaining grease-free deli and meat department floors and surfaces to maintaining the diamond-polished look on concrete to sustaining a pristine “Wet Look” on marble, terrazzo, granite, and all types of resilient floor covering, Gabriel Systems will allow you supreme results for the lowest labor and material costs. The up to 50% or more savings will be permanent. Call 800-873-2000 or 585-381-7000 to speak with a Technical Advisor.

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