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Thoughts From Around The Cracker Barrel

Value Talk… Performance Enables Cost-Reduction

Get ready for the perennial hype about Flu Bugs, Allergy Triggers, and so on. Drumming up fear keeps the drug and disinfectant vendors sales growing. Facility managers must be disciplined and keep their custodial staff focused on optimum cleaning practices.

First… Vaccinate as medically advised.

Second… A germ must live within its host (e.g. soil). Wash well with a residue-free detergent–removing soil removes germs. Our immune systems use nutrient intake (food) to make the drugs that our bodies need to fight airborne germs that land on washed, clean surfaces. Here is a link to a list of supporting articles.

Next… Nature gives us only 2 soils–acid and alkaline. Only 2 detergents are needed for cleaning. Oil, grease, and fat are “binders” that hold soils. Binders melt and spread in hot water. In cold water, binders continue to hold soil particles and float to the top of the water film for thorough removal. Here is supporting information.

Cost-Cutting Goals for 2011 & Beyond…
Learn about the savings that can be achieved by following the Gabriel Total Quality Housekeeping (TQH) System.

1.Chemical Cost…
Cut usage 70% and actual costs up to 50% or more.

Facts About Gabriel Detergents…

Mixing ½ oz per gallon of water figures out to be about 9¢ to 10¢ per gallon of cleaning solution.
Plus… Best Cleaning Results Ever –Guaranteed

Achieve Residue-free cleaning that delivers immaculate baseboards, furniture legs, grout, etc. Clean surfaces are safe and healthy surfaces. Pristine cleaning results, floor finish that will last up to 8 years or more without having to be stripped, and up to a doubling of staff productivity.

Click to See Managers 5-Year Savings Report

Maintaining Concrete Surfaces…
Eliminate reoccurring safety problems with concrete patching materials that fail to hold over time. Here is a short training video on permanently patching concrete.

Mastic oozing out from around floor tiles… It is not about the janitor using too much water on the floor. It is about the amount of moisture residing in the concrete slab and whether the concrete was primed properly before the correct adhesive was used. Call Gabriel and ask to speak with a concrete specialist.

The next time you need to think about selecting floor covering, think outside-the-box and consider installing monolithic seamless flooring. It goes down as a liquid system and ends up laminated to the concrete and will give years of service far beyond normal floor coverings.

Because of the seamless floors stipple texture, a high percentage of the floor never receives traffic wear. When the floor is washed with a cold water free-rinsing detergent (e.g. Gabriel Fast-1-2-3), the floors natural shine continues to radiate brightness and cleanliness.

Looking for a floor paint that will not peel? Check out Gabriel Elite chemical-resistant floor and wall coating that stands up to break fluid, hot tires, and wheel torque. Install the Elite System and save up to 50% or more.

For more information, call a Gabriel concrete specialist.

As always, thank you for allowing me into your day. The Gabriel Team looks forward to serving you.