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Which Comes First…New Machine or Effective Chemical

One of the toughest disciplines for custodial managers is to keep from buying a machine or tool before possessing the detergent that will get 100% results without the tool or machine.

High-pressure water cleaning, grout brushes, cordless scrubbers, or time-controlled fragrance machines are the actions taken by many to fight restroom odors, rust, mold, caulk-type soil accumulation, and ugly filthy grout.

Then there is the latest machine invention that oscillates or vibrates rather than rotates or revolves. Or, the debate of which type brush does a better job; cylindrical or rotary.

Let us not forget the miracle machines touted for being able to change water into a washing solution to end the need for detergent.

Equipment should be purchased after finding a detergent that can achieve 100% satisfactory results on its own merits in record time.

Detergents must work 100%. Machines help reach the same results using less labor.

That is it in a nutshell.

Click Here for a 4-minute customer video report on why a detergent must work 100%.

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