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Achieve the Cleanest Facility Ever for ½ Your Present Costs

Normally, better “things” cost more money. But, not today! To help you upgrade facility cleanliness and safety without spending more money, we will guarantee that by using the Gabriel Total Quality Housekeeping® System, you will spend up to50% LESSon labor and materials.

The guarantee is straightforward. You will achieve results beyond your wildest expectations or Gabriel will refund the money spent for your Starter Kit(s).

During these summer months, our concrete specialists are very busy guiding customers with their concrete projects–cleaning, patching, and coating floors. Untold footage of ugly and hazardous cracks may be permanently repaired using Gabriel Con-Patch epoxy mortar. Patching jobs that failed you in the past will become permanent successes using Con-Patch.

In a few weeks, you will be receiving a link to the latest Gabriel Concrete Catalog. Do-it-yourself maintenance personnel will find the catalog and the Gabriel Concrete Technical Team to be unmatched for quality products and professional guidance. Your savings will be remarkable.

Turning our thoughts to custodial training, I would like to remind you about our Art of Cleaning Training Class available at our website. It is a commercial-free class packed with what custodians need to know and practice.

During the summer months, custodial workloads increase. When it comes to cleaning, focus on the following:

1. Germs live in soil… Stay keyed to using a detergent that removes 100% of the soil each time you use it without leaving a left-behind residue that will hold old soil and speed up the process of catching and holding new soil.

2. Grease, oil, and fat are soil binders (like glue) that hold soil particles together and to the surface that needs to be cleaned. Binders will float in cold water, but when hot water is used, the binders melt, spread, and reattach to the surface being cleaned. Stay keyed to using a cold water detergent that will completely emulsify binders when mixed in the coldest water possible. A binder holds onto soil particles and everything floats to the top of the cold water rendering you a clean and healthy surface.

3. Using a poor detergent on an excellent floor finish will shorten the life of the finish. But, using a great cold water detergent for general maintenance will lengthen the life of any floor finish.

Please feel free to contact the Gabriel Team whenever we can be of assistance. Our guidance is free and our products will cut your costs.

As always, thank you for allowing me into your day.