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Lets See Through “Free Shipping” Sales Hype

How often does the saying “getting something for nothing” ever come true? Let us look closely into the “free shipping” buying concept.

Over-the-road truckers and delivery services do not provide “free shipping”. Truck dealers do not offer free vehicles to supply businesses. Delivery personnel expect a paycheck. Fueling stations require payment before pumping.

There are real costs tied to handling and shipping products–packing materials, warehouse fulfillment costs, and trucking. Commonly referred to as “shipping & handling” costs.

Shipping costs are a component of most product sales transactions. But should they be the most important purchasing consideration?

A buyer needs to establish a products true value. True value lies in a products performance history and the total labor and material costs associated with achieving its full potential.

Job quality and use cost should be the focus. Checking with other users is a great way to establish a performance history for a new product being considered.

Shipping and handling costs need to be paid for; thus, a vendor has to include the costs in the price of the product sold with “free shipping”.

It is indisputably better to buy from a company that offers peak quality janitorial products, a proven custodial staff-training program, and the lowest possible shipping charges noted on the invoice–a transparent transaction.

Gabriel customers are savings money beyond their wildest dreams–over 50% per year on chemicals and up to a doubling of custodian output; which means using less labor.

And, the huge savings (and great results) came with the freight charges included in the math.

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