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If you have gone “Green” without cutting your labor and chemical costs about 50%, you should rethink your purchasing practices and work procedures.

Like a coin, todays “Green” movement has two sides.  On one side are environmentalists trying to improve how we treat our earth.  Also, there are business people doing their best to supply, guide, and train customers who are often overwhelmed by ever-changing “Green” rules.

On the other side of the coin are the extremists.  They are environmentalists unwilling to listen to dissenting opinion or reassess their understanding of the facts.  Likewise, there are business people who pass over ethics to misinform, misguide, or misrepresent their products.  They brazenly say whatever it takes to make a sale.

Then there are public officials struggling to understand the objectives of each group, ferreting out facts, and trying to decide what is best for people and the environment.

The 3 Parts of Green…

  1. Keep Facilities Clean & Healthy
  2. Be Kind to Our Environment
  3. Minimize Labor & Material Cost

Going Green is simple.  Its about the earth, your facility, and your pocketbook.  Use the least amount of the most effective and friendly chemicals, minimize the amount of soil in your facility (because soil is where germs live), and do it all for much less than your current labor and material costs. 

Green” Certification Does Not Ensure Best Results

In order for you to cut costs while using green-certified products, every product in your “Green” arsenal needs to be of high-performance quality…

   For example:

  1.  Floor finish that can last up to 8 or moreyears without having to be stripped.
  2.   Cold water detergents that thoroughly remove grease, oil, and dirt without leaving a soil film.
  3.   Detergent dilution rates that are super-concentrated. i.e.One gallon can make over 400 gallons of washing/mopping solution.

Gabriel customers achieve award-winning results for less than one-half of what they were spending on labor and materials when they came to us.  

Customer Achievements:  Cut chemical consumption 70%, chemical costs 50%, and labor costs 50%(or double productivity).  No other brand comes close to matching us. 

The Gabriel Total Quality Housekeeping System will help your team achieve remarkable results.  We have the customer success stories to bear out our claims.  

Check us out and listen to customers share their excitement about their bright and safe facilities, proud and self-motivated staffs, and huge amounts of dollars saved.

All thats needed is your commitment to cost-effective custodial excellence.

Thank you for allowing me into your day.  Please feel free to call us whenever we can be of assistance.