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Misuse of Sanitizers & Disinfectants Can Be Dangerous

Learn the Facts For Safe Usage

How are sanitizers, disinfectants, and latex paint similar? They all use detergents (surfactants) to keep the ingredients in their formulas from separating in water.

No one would expect spotless and well-painted results by washing a surface with a diluted paint solution. Therefore, we should not expect spotlessly-clean and germ-free results when washing a dirty surface with a sanitizer or disinfectant solution.

The term “Detergent-Disinfectant” is misleading. Since there is detergent in each formula, the word may be used on each label. Using the two words together tends to imply that the user can expect spotless and germ-free results.

Disinfectants and sanitizers applied to a dirty surface get contaminated and lose the ability to kill germs. Instead of getting two functions in one step, you do not get either.

In both cases, painting or germ killing, all of the dirt on the surface must be removed prior to the application of either product.

Here is a link to a short video that explains the world of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing.

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