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Maximum Success for Cutting Costs Begins With A Proactive Leader

Savings of Up to 50% or More Awaits the Determined Leader

If you have not been able to permanently cut custodial chemical and labor costs up to 50% or more, I encourage you to check into our Total Quality Housekeeping (TQH) System. TQH can help you achieve unprecedented success.

Touting “Green” Housekeeping is nice for public relations, but the real objective needs to be finding a custodial system that will deliver pristine and safe results for ½ normally accepted cost while allowing optimized environmental sustainability.

“Green Certification” is not a product performance (efficacy) rating system. Thats why people have been turned off when they tried a “Green Certified” product. “Certified Green” is about a third-party certifier controlling the raw materials going into making a “Green” product. Green Certification is not a guarantee of product performance.

Since labor is 95% of custodial costs, each product in a custodial arsenal MUST be able to deliver the best results using the least amount of labor.

Before purchasing a custodial chemical, require that it be able to help you reduce labor and chemical costs in the 50% range. If you hear double-talk or hedging, move on to a vendor who can provide references that will confirm touted achievements.

Investigate our TQH System. Huge savings, great aesthetics, and required safety await you. Dont let anyone derail you in your pursuit of record feats. Rewards can be: Reduce chemical consumption 70%… Reduce chemical costs 50%… As much as double staff productivity.

Listen to what our customers have to say.

Where to begin? Purchase our Art of Cleaning Starter Kit.Cleaning is the foundation of a custodial program. Less than virtually perfect cleaning handicaps other custodial functions.

Once cleaning has been mastered, you will be ready to move to testing our Ultra Gloss “Wet Look” floor finish system that eliminates stripping for up to 8 years or more.

Again, the first step in upgrading your custodial program is to purchase the Art of Cleaning Kit.

As always, thank you for allowing me into your day. The Gabriel Team looks forward to serving you.