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Make Your Buildings Safer, More Pleasing, & Green-Complaint At a Huge Savings

For maintaining floors, one product will not do it all. It takes a set of high-performance products and effective training to achieve matchless results for ½ your present cost.

Here is an unbeatable floor care set up:

1. Ultra Strip II mixes in cold water for the virtually instant lifting of old floor finish. One rinse & NO white residue.

2. Ultra Gloss “Wet Look” Floor Finish allows you to use up to 70% less floor finish, is safe underfoot, and will stand up to harsh traffic. Plus, it lasts up to 8 or more years without having to be stripped.

3. The Art of Cleaning cold water system removes grease, oil, and animal fat to render surfaces odorless and safe. No left-behind soil residue to dull floors, cause slipping, or dirty-up baseboards and grout. You will not have to wash wet mops or scrub buckets, wringers, and slop sinks. Burnishing dust will be minimal to none.

4. The Primo Pro Wet Mop is state-of-the-art fiber technology to ensure unsurpassed liquid absorption. A unique blend of fibers that absorb and wring out better than any other wet mop. Guaranteed.

To achieve a cleaner, safer, and more attractive buildings for up to ½ your present cost, check out our proven product systems and staff training programs.

Detergent performance controls housekeeping success. The Art of Cleaning Starter Kit is where to begin. You will be amazed or Starter Kit costs will be refunded.

Thank you for allowing me this visit.