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Thoroughly Explore a Products Performance Before Purchasing

Performance Ensures Savings

The majority of phone calls and e-mails we receive are about achieving cleaner and healthier facilities… and, more than anything, how to dramatically cut costs.

A janitor supplies vendor may tout a products virtues, but does the product have the history to match the claims? Often, a solicitation is tagged as “sales talk” and forgotten. Investigating a products history is critical.

Today, the huge dilemma facing facility managers is that the money shortage is real and continues to worsen. Others may be forced to make cost-reduction decisions for you if you are not proactive and lead the process.

A cost-cutting strategy must achieve permanent cost reductions. Random or quick-fix cost-cutting on a platform of hope and blind faith is a losing strategy. It is in your best interest to thoroughly investigate vendor references and run cost calculations as would a tough accountant.

Here is a Gabriel customer comment about the Total Quality Housekeeping (TQH) System:
“When we started (TQH System) on a district wide basis in 2002, I was using about 15 different cleaning products and have cut that down to 3 primary chemicals.

My floor finish budget has remained flat for 7 years, and next summer (we) will start to strip some of the floors for the first time in those 7 years. We have gone 2 summers of construction in every school and (the) floors took a beating. A few areas got so much dirt ground-in by contractors that stripping and recoating will have to be done during summer break. As the other area floors appear now, we are out at least 2 years before stripping will be required.

Using the TQH System, I have been able to cut my yearly floor finish budget from $32,000 in 2002 to $17,000 per year ever since.”

Please feel free to ask us to provide you with references. Gabriel customers have been able to cut labor and material costs up to 50% or more. Therefore, the huge savings as well as improvements in facility aesthetics and safety are there for you to harvest.

The Total Quality Housekeeping System is simple to work and helps achieve maximum results for minimum costs. We like to call it Simplitude… Simplicity to the greatest magnitude. In order for a system to prevail, it must be easy to teach, train, and evaluate–TQH is a team system.

If a custodial process cannot be committed to memory, it is too complicated and vulnerable to failure.

The savings are factual and verifiable… Once you investigate how Gabriel has done it for others, you will be ready to move forward with total confidence. May we try out for your vendor team?

For more information, contact us or check out our website.

As always, thank you for allowing me into your day. The Gabriel Team looks forward to serving you.