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Top Efficacy Rating Sharpens Cost-Cutting Tool While Improving Custodian Performance

Efficacy is the performance potential of a chemical. It is based on the chemical being used as directed by the manufacturer.

Managers who strictly adhere to proven staff training practices on the use of products with highest efficacy potential will achieve job excellence far beyond their wildest dreams.

Custodians are able to achieve clean, safe, and sanitary results for strikingly less costs. The amazing results and cost savings will take staff pride and self-motivation to new heights.

Efficacy can be reduced if a product is misused.

Failing to follow instructions, such as using too little detergent, may necessitate having to add a scrubbing step. Using too much detergent may force adding a fresh-water rinse step to ensure the removal of a chemical residue. In either case, having to add work negatively affects a products efficacy rating.

A detergent should be rated for performance against a goal of 100% clean. The rating may vary depending on the soils against which it is being tested. The end result still needs to hover around 100%. Click Here to listen to an example of maximum product efficacy.

Empowerment combines education, training, and communications to raise staff motivation, efficiency, and performance. The goal is a healthy, safe, and attractive facility at the lowest cost ever.

True empowerment develops the whole person–knowledge, job skills, interpersonal skills, and self-motivation. Since 95% of a custodial budget is labor, management needs to embrace a proven education, training, and product system.

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