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Lets Solve Some Everyday Problems…

  •  Identify Problem
  •  Select Correct Chemical
  •  Use Appropriate Procedure
  •  Get Results & Save Money

On the registration form for our Art of Cleaning Workshop, we ask for three major housekeeping challenges. In this Newsletter, I will address a few of the challenges.

Q. What is the best odor counteractant?
A. The best defense against odors is a great offense against soil… Remove the soil! Soil contains germs and germs give off odors as they work to convert the soil back into the earthly resources from which it was made.

Q. What is best way to disinfect classrooms?
A. If you are looking for an answer that will make the public feel good, talk about inundating the room with bleach, disinfectant, hand sanitizer dispensers, etc. If you want to do what is best for the room occupants, set up a cleaning program that virtually removes all of the daily soil. It boils down to “if you remove the soil, you will remove the germs”. If you are serious about getting to the bottom of the problem, come to our Art of Cleaning Workshop. No commercials, just what you need to learn and then apply in your housekeeping practices.

Q. What is best way to remove Ice Melter Residue and Prevent Floor Finish Yellowing?
A. Ice melter residue problems are usually caused from two directions–A floor finish that breaks down easily under grinding traffic and an under performing detergent that combines the finish and soil powder with the ice melter residue to form a white-paint-like plastic film that actually bonds to the good floor finish. If allowed to set too long, the film will harden as does a coat of latex paint.

If you have a good water-resistant floor finish, as our Ultra Gloss “Wet Look” Floor Finish, and mop with a high-performance cold water detergent, as our Fast-1-2-3 EFP, you should be able to prevent the problem altogether.

If you do not wish to test a new detergent at this time, I am confident that our product, Winter Rinse , will work well at helping you enjoy an ice melter residue-free floor.

Q. How is stainless steel made to look clean and bright on a daily basis?
A. Stainless Steel does not have to be dingy, marked, and dull. The key to bringing its original look back and keeping it looking new is totally dependent on two products–Creme Cleanser and Walls N All EFP Bathroom Detergent.

Creme Cleanser is used straight from the bottle and, with a dry cloth, rub with the grain of the steel. The cloth will blacken. Rinse with fresh water using a clean cloth and wipe or air dry. The stainless will be smooth, clean, and bright.

On a daily basis, wash the stainless steel using Walls N All EFP Bathroom Detergent in the same way as washing sinks, etc. Its that easy and the process takes a minute or two. Click Here for a 2-minute video on cleaning stainless steel.

Bottom Line: A housekeeping program will only improve when cleaning products and practices are elevated. That is why we forever urge our clients to start their program upgrade by addressing their cleaning products and practices.

Second on the upgrade list is floor care and third is carpet care. Its the best approach and we guarantee our starter kits to prove it.

In closing, I would like to focus on the fact that all detergents are not equal and it is imperative that, if you seek the best results for the lowest cost, you must use the best possible high-performance cold water detergents. That is just a simple fact about cleaning that no one can change. We guarantee our detergents to be the best available or the cost of your starter kit will be refunded.

Thank you for allowing me into your day. The Gabriel Team looks forward to an opportunity to serve you.