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Removing Soil is a Major Part of Successful Loss Prevention

Has a facility ever been sued for having the highest levels of cleanliness and safety?

All too often there are news report of a school, restaurant, hospital, nursing home, etc. being cited, fined, or sued for a “slip & fall” accident or for someone dying from a deadly infection contracted at the facility.

The term Loss Prevention is usually associated with retail store doorway electronic security devices that try to prevent shoplifting. Another set of words for Loss Prevention could be Cost Reduction Initiative.It is a simple formula:Do what is needed to stop money from going where it does not have to go.

If a restaurant can maintain floors that are not slippery, exposure to “slip & fall” lawsuits are marginalized. Money saved is money earned.

If custodial practices achieve a maximum level of cleanliness and safety, sick-day-losses will lessen. Lowering labor costs is an important asset for keeping an organization competitive.

In schools, keeping a truly clean facility is the best strategy for minimizing absenteeism. Removing soil removes germs.

If you can find ways to reduce costs wisely, you are practicing true Loss Prevention.

Good cleaning practices help prevent the wasting of money in many ways, from lawsuits to absenteeism to employee turnover.

Whether you prevent a multi-million dollar accident- or medical-lawsuit, or save an hour a day while achieving better cleaning results, you are saving money for your organization!

The Gabriel Art of Cleaning cold water cleaning system has the potential for helping you double staff productivity. The Art of Cleaning Starter Kit is a $34.95 investment that we guarantee, or your money will be refunded.

As always, thank you for allowing me this visit.