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Move the Hype Aside & Focus On Using Simple Common Sense

As we enter the year 2010, most of us have a grab bag full of challenges awaiting us. Now is a great time to sort out the crucial challenges from the hyped-up ones.

Crucial Challenges:
1. Dramatically Reduce Labor & Material Costs
2. Seek Staff-Enrichment Reading/Training Materials
3. Increase/Improve Staff Training
4. Track Results Thoroughly

Be Suspect of Solicitations to Purchase:
1. Yet Another Disinfectant Detergent
2. A “Super” Hot/Warm Water Detergent
3. A Machine or Tool Claiming to Revolutionize Cleaning
4. Carpet Cleaning Equipment That Heats Water or is Associated with a Hot/Warm Water Process

Viable Strategy for 2010….
First and foremost, facility managers need to cut costs to bring about vitally needed budget reductions. But, cost-cutting initiatives cannot be at the expense of facility cleanliness, safety or aesthetics. Thinking “outside of the box” needs to be everyones #1 course of action. And, new-found savings must continue without end.

To ensure initial and ongoing success, focus on the Crucial Challenges listed above. Add to the list as fortune allows.

Under Suspect of Solicitations, remember that soil moves away from surfaces and carpet fibers when washing is done with high-performance detergent mixed with water colder than the surface being cleaned. Hot/warm water being needed to activate a detergent is a technology that began its exit almost 30 years ago. Todays cutting-edge high-performance detergent technology is beyond remarkable… Quality detergents are instant-acting in the coldest water, thoroughly separate soil from the surface being cleaned, and virtually 100% residue-free. And, they meet “Green” requirements.

That said, it is imperative that you realize that being a “Green” approved product does not ensure high-performance as described above. You still need to make sure that the “Green” product you are testing/using is of the high-performance category. As for Gabriel detergents, we guarantee the best performance you will have ever experienced.

As far as dealing with germs: Germs live in soil because soil is their food, moisture source, and habitat. If germs do not have enough moisture, they become spores in that they are like seeds – dormant but ready to snap back to life as soon as they find moisture and, if not embedded with soil, food (soil). So, make sure that your staff is washing well and not leaving left-behind soil in the form of an after-film residue… A clean-water-rinse step may be performed to ensure best possible results. If a surface is clean, it is sanitary enough for humans.

Superbugs become an issue when disinfectant detergent solutions are used for removing soil. A disinfectant chemical cannot kill every kind of germ, and because soil was left behind, the number of resistant germs climb exponentially until a “supergerm” condition is declared. The mission should not be about “killing” germs, but about removing a maximum amount of soil with each washing. Minimizing the availability of germs is achieved by maximizing the removal of soil.

About the claims that germs become immune to a disinfectant… Follow this logic: A disinfectant cannot kill every kind of germ. Therefore, if all of the soil is not taken away, resistant germs will be left “alive and well” in the left-behind soil to propagate even faster as they fill the spaces left by the dead germs. The resistant germ was resistant (immune) from the start… No change in a germs makeup took place.

Some ads use the word “mutate” to make us think that normal germs turn into supergerms! Just more hype to get us ready to throw out the “old” stuff and buy a bunch of the “new and improved” stuff.

Endlessly repeating the failed process of trying to kill germs instead of removing the soil containing germs is a proven way to end up with only resistant germs. Yet, many suppliers will say that an even stronger disinfectant is needed to solve the “next generation” of stronger germs. Just use common sense logic to counter hyped-up and misleading dialogue. Removing soil removes germs.

How long have we been told that we need to kill germs in soil to ensure a healthy outcome? How long have disinfectant manufacturers kept our focus on killing germs with a disinfectant rather than removing germ-rich soil with a good detergent? Repeatedly, we are told about potentially deadly epidemics and how we will need the latest germ killing chemical. How long has this scenario of failures been going on? Albert Einstein said it best: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. More positive results will come as we learn that removing soil removes germs.

As far as discovering the perfect tool or machine for cleaning… First, make sure that you have the best chemical possible. If you can remove soil by hand washing using “soap and water”, most any tool or matching will make the cleaning go faster. Think about the TV commercials for cleaning tile grout with steam machines… If a good detergent had been used for wet mopping the grouted floor, the grout would have been clean in the first place and the steam machine scenario would have been a non-issue.

Track your progress. At all times, know where you are, how you got there, and your exact cost. It is a proven fact that the better your clean, the less it costs. If youre ever questioned about your products or work procedures, you will be prepared.

Good luck. Remember, if you have questions, please feel free to contact the Gabriel Team. Nothing is required of you other than bringing us a good challenge.

We look forward to an opportunity to serve you.

Thank you for allowing me into your day.