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Bathroom Cleaner Formula 444

Your staff can create a calming (and, of course) clean atmosphere in your building’s bathrooms while looking after the environment. This lavender-scented, environmentally conscious bathroom cleaner is non-butyl, VOC-exempt, and biodegradable. Not only does your crew achieve an unparalleled clean; they’re doing their part to look after the planet and their local environment at the same time.

Diluted Cost: 1 oz of concentrate per gallon of water  = $0.31

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Breathe new life into your building’s bathrooms with this refreshing bathroom cleaner. Our high-performance cleaner handles the heavy work for your cleaning crews and provides a new level of cleanliness compared to its competitors. Plus, no one likes those overwhelming air fresheners with highly artificial fragrances pumping out every 30 minutes. This bathroom cleaner eliminates the need for that. It removes odor by producing an unparalleled clean, and it’s infused with a calming, natural, lavender scent.

Give yourself a clear environmental conscience, and stock your buildings with this superior eco-responsible bathroom cleaner. Our superior blend of ingredients is non-butyl, VOC-exempt, and biodegradable, so if redirecting your crews and buildings toward a greener solution is a priority for you, this bathroom cleaner is perfect. Our cleaner is highly versatile and can be used on sinks, toilets, urinals, showers, shower walls (including tile), tubs, stainless steel, water fountains, and more. It works with a variety of cleaning tools, including spray bottles, mop buckets, foamers, spray & vac units, and dispensing systems. This product works well in any water temperature.

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55 Gallon Drum, Case of 12 Quarts, Case of 4 Gallons, Case of 6 – 8 oz. Bottles

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This highly concentrated formula is an exceptional cleanser and extremely cost-effective. Due to its concentration levels, you only need 1 oz of product per 1 gallon of water. This makes every clean cost less without sacrificing quality.

Dilution ratio:
**Dilution = concentrate per gallon of water

1 oz of concentrate per gallon of water

Spray Bottle: 1 – 4 oz
Mop Bucket: 1 – 2 oz
Cleaning Toilets & Urinals: Flush first and then, over the bowl, squeeze a small amount of cleaner onto a yarn toilet swab. Work cleaner around, flush, and continue to swab fresh water to rinse. Repeat to clean the pipes and traps.


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