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Con-Patch Epoxy Mortar Kit

Looking for a high-performance epoxy concrete patch kit to utilize in your facilities? Look no further than our Con-Patch Epoxy Mortar Kit. This epoxy mortar system can be used for patching, resurfacing, and repairing concrete and existing mortar. Don’t let potholes and crumbling concrete in your building’s floors create unnecessary safety hazards, and bring down the overall appearance. Con-patch Epoxy Mortar is easy to use and highly durable. Your teams will be able to address those blemishes quickly and efficiently, and with its rapid cure times, your facility will have minimal downtime to worry about.

Kit Coverage: Approx. 15-17 square feet at ¼” thick*

*Con-Patch needs at least ¼” thickness to achieve a successful bond.

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The Con-Patch Epoxy Mortar Kit is a 3-part troweled epoxy mortar system that can be used for patching, resurfacing, and repairing concrete and existing epoxy mortar. Not only is Con-Patch a versatile product, it is self-priming and mixes easily, so it’s simple to use. It’s also highly durable, which makes it a great repair product to have available to your teams. Its fast cure time and low odor also help it integrate well with a busy facility reducing your downtime significantly compared to its competitors.

Cracks, crumbling concrete, and potholes in your floors can be a safety hazard to your staff and building visitors by causing trips and falls. This high-performing epoxy concrete patch can repair damaged concrete quickly and efficiently, protecting all those who enter your premises—and giving your facility a more professional appearance.

The superior blend of ingredients in Con-Patch Epoxy Mortar creates an unparalleled bond for repairing crumbling concrete, expansion joints, loading docks, potholes, curbs, ramps, and more. Con-Patch is a heavy-duty, long-term solution for surface repairs for everything from ¼” dips up to deep patches, making this product highly versatile and durable. Con-Patch can also be tapered thin into a saw cut for ramps.

Its low odor allows your teams to use Con-Patch in occupied areas. Plus, it cures quickly for minimal down time, which is essential for buildings with high-volume foot traffic.

Once the epoxy mortar patch has been applied and has fully cured, you can resume your regular business and know that your newly patched floor will be able to handle the heaviest of traffic. Con-Patch is chemical-resistant and will be able to stand up to your regular cleaning routine with no issues. The Gabriel First Corp.’s high-performance cleaning systems will always get the most out of your facility’s floors, making them a sure bet for routine cleaning and maintenance.

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 15 in

4 gallon per case

Download Safety Data Sheet

Con-Patch is a very easy to use epoxy mortar patch kit for all members of your maintenance team. For the best results, please consider the following prior to mixing and application.

Prepare the Area

Because the pot life of the mixed solution is 20-30 minutes, please ensure the surface is properly prepared before mixing your Con-Patch. To prepare the area, ensure it has been thoroughly cleaned and is free of any debris. The minimum temperature of the area should be 50˚F.

Cure Times

To determine how long you’ll need to let your finished repairs cure, consult the following:

  • Light Foot Traffic: 16-18 hours
  • Hand Carts & Standard Pallet Trucks: 24-72 hours
  • Full Cure: 7 days

This will ensure you get the best results from your patch kit.

Clean Up

Once the epoxy mortar patch has been applied, any product that may have gotten onto your team’s hands can be washed off with soap and water. Any tools and equipment used should be cleaned using xylene immediately after use to prevent build-up.


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