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Enzyme Spot Cleaner

Equip your crews with this easy-to-use, fast-acting, enzyme-based spot cleaner! Accidents happen, and sometimes that means a tricky stain. It comes with the territory, so make sure your teams are prepared. Arm them with this hardworking product that doesn’t just remove unsightly stains, it thoroughly cleanses them from the inside out to leave a safe—and sanitary—space for your staff and your customers. Additionally, no mixing is required with this specialty product. It’s ready to use right out of the container, so your team is sure to love it.

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Soft surfaces can be a little tougher to clean. They’re more porous, and they can be more difficult to really scrub in comparison to a harder surface. With our Enzyme Spot Cleaner, you don’t need to worry about your carpets, mats, and upholstery anymore. This enzyme-based cleaner is an efficient and effective solution for all your spot-cleaning needs. It can be used against foods and bodily fluids like blood, urine, vomit, and feces. It also works well against pet stains!

What’s an Enzyme-based Spot Cleaner?

Enzyme-based cleaners use a form of “good” bacteria that releases enzymes into the affected area. These enzymes penetrate the stain and help speed up the natural process of breaking down the organic waste in the soiled area. From here, the good bacteria consume the waste product generated by the enzymes, leaving a neutralized surface that’s both stain- and odor-free.

If you’re working towards a more environmentally conscious routine cleaning kit, this spot cleaner is a home run. It’s highly effective and sure to yield excellent results for your crew, leaving your buildings safe and sanitary. Plus, it has also been carefully created with non-butyl and VOC-exempt ingredients that are biodegradable. So your team can use this product with pride, knowing they’re being eco-responsible and exceeding their cleaning goals around the building.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 12 × 15 in

Case of 12 Quarts, Case of 4 Quarts

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Your teams will love how easy this product is to use. This high-quality spot cleaner comes ready to use right out of the container; there’s no mixing required, which saves time and water! The fast-acting enzymes do all the hard work. It just needs to be applied to the soiled area and allowed to sit for a little bit. This gives the enzymes time to penetrate the fibers and break down and digest the organic matter. Once their work is done, simply blot up the spot with an absorbent cloth or use a wet vac to extract the leftover solution.*

*Extracting does give the best results.

Dilution ratio:
**Dilution = concentrate per gallon of water

Ready to use

Enzyme Spot Cleaner is sold in a 4-quart box and 12-quart case


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