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Fast 1-2-3 EFP Super Concentrated Cleaning Solution

The Fast 1-2-3 EFP Cleaning Solution is the perfect multi-purpose cleaner. This multifaceted cleaner cuts through grease and soils, leaving all your hard surfaces clean, safe, and sanitary. Fast 1-2-3 EFP is the answer to all your cleaning concerns; it’s able to tackle all of your routine cleaning needs, eliminating the need for multiple products.

Diluted Cost: 1/2 oz of concentrate per gallon of water  = $0.15

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Fast 1-2-3 EFP Cleaner Super Concentrate is a multi-purpose cleaning solution formulated for general routine cleaning. This versatile cleaning product can tackle everything in your buildings, including floors, walls, counters, high-contact surfaces, and more. It quickly cuts through grease and dirt, leaving floors and other surfaces clean, safe, and sanitary. Being such a capable and adaptable product, it eliminates the need for multiple cleaning products, increasing your team’s efficiency and reducing costs. With Fast 1-2-3 EFP, your team can finish their entire routine cleaning efficiently – and trust that they have created a safe and sanitary environment.

Fast 1-2-3 EFP Goes the Extra Mile

Being a highly concentrated cleaning solution makes this product an outstanding value. Your crews can achieve so much with so little, making the cost per clean extremely cost-effective without sacrificing a high-quality clean.

One gallon mixed will produce over 250 gallons of a ready-to-use, daily cleaner. Your teams can use this amazing cleaner around your businesses, creating a clean and safe environment for your staff and your customers. This cleaning solution is biodegradable and VOC-exempt, so you can rest easy knowing you are doing your part for your local environment.

Highly Versatile

Not only can this product be used for many tasks on multiple surface areas to tackle tough dirt, but it can also be utilized with a variety of tools, including spray bottles, mop buckets, auto scrubbers, foamers, pressure washers, spray & vac units, and dispensing systems. While it produces great results at any temperature, cold water does yield the best results. Save time and money with this highly cost-effective, versatile cleaner.
This product is fragrance-free and non-butyl, which makes it safe to have around kitchens, bathrooms, and other high-traffic areas.

In addition, it’s New York State OGS-approved.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in

55 Gallon Drum, Case of 4 Gallons

Download Safety Data Sheet

This product will always be mixed at the same dilution ratio shown below. In the event you are using less than 1 gallon of water, please adjust the amount of solution accordingly.

Dilution ratio:
**Dilution = concentrate per gallon of water

Routine cleaning: 1/2 oz

1 review for Fast 1-2-3 EFP Super Concentrated Cleaning Solution

  1. Richard Richardson

    The best floor cleaner I’ve ever used. The first time I used it was about 15-20 years ago when I worked at the hospital, now that I have my own cleaning business I still use it. I’m a lifetime customer.

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