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Grout Brush

Grout brushes may not be the most exciting tool out there, but they’re essential for a complete clean. To do their job properly, it’s vital for them to be durable—and high quality. Make your team’s lives easier by providing tools that work for them while they’re performing routine cleaning around the facilities. This chisel-shaped brush will do just that! It’s perfect for getting into those tricky spots, which will help your teams achieve the cleanest clean in the least amount of time.

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Clean grout lines don’t just look great; they can really accentuate the beautiful tile floors and walls in your facility. They can also impact how truly sanitary your space is. Grout, especially sanded grout, is very porous and can be a hotspot for dirt, germs, and mold to accumulate. Its porosity also allows the grout to discolor more easily and hold onto odors that you don’t want hanging around your facilities. Make sure your buildings are truly clean using our grout scrub brush, and don’t let those little detail areas become big sanitary problems.

Our hardworking grout brush is made of high-quality materials that make it very durable, so your teams can use it for years to come before it needs to be replaced. Due to its superior blend of materials, you can trust this brush to outwork its competitors in both durability and cleaning ability. The medium-to-stiff bristles are firm enough to ensure a thorough clean but not so tough that they cause damage to the surface that is being worked on. The brush is chisel-shaped and tapered, with a pivoting and swiveling head. This makes it ideal for getting into grout lines or those tough-to-reach edges and corners.

Ensuring your teams have a tool like this in their arsenal is imperative to ensuring a safe and sanitary clean in your facilities. Our 9” grout brush can easily reach those tricky areas that typically accumulate germs and bacteria. While this is an important detail for cleaning any facility, it’s especially important in buildings that require a higher level of sanitization, such as hospitals and health centers.

While we do offer a corresponding handle for this grout brush*, it will fit any standard acme-threaded handle.

*Grout Brush Handle is sold separately.

Grout Scrub Brush is sold individually and in cases of 12

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Case of 12, Each

This brush is 9” long, with a pivot and swivel feature. This brush head will fit any standard acme-threaded handle

To get the best results from this brush, you should schedule at least one monthly routine cleaning for your grout. The longer you leave grout between cleans, the harder it will be to yield the same exceptional results.


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