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Primo Pro Wet Mop

Arm your janitorial crew with the Primo Pro Wet Mop, and let the superior blend of yarn do the work for them. This mop has been carefully designed for maximum absorption and durability. It’s not just a great investment in your janitorial tool set—it’s also a breeze for your crews to use day in and day out.

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Your janitorial staff will thank you when you supply them with the Primo Pro Wet Mop. With its unmatched blend of carefully selected yarn, it’s a superior quality wet mop that you can stock for your buildings. The yarn blend was curated to give maximum absorption and durability. This saves your team time and effort.

Remember, you get what you pay for. Unlike inferior mops, the Primo Pro will not float in the bucket, repelling liquids. It will actually sink down into the cleaning solution, absorbing fully into the strands, to provide maximum cleaning efficiency. This unmatched absorption doesn’t just help your teams get the cleaning product out of the bucket and onto the floors, it also helps wick up grime and dirt. They won’t need to spend time going back over and over an area to mop up soiled liquid.

Primo Pro Wet Mops are made to withstand heavy use, while still maintaining their usefulness. The high durability of this product is second to none. Yes, this wet mop outperforms its competitors in the bucket, but it also outperforms its competitors’ longevity. Made from high-quality materials with longevity in mind, it doesn’t sacrifice the quality of cleaning it provides, and maintains its comfort and ease of use for your cleaning crews.

We guarantee this mop will outperform all other mops your crew has used in the past.

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16 oz., 20 oz., 24 oz., 12 oz.


Narrow, Wide


Case of 12, Each

The Primo Pro Wet Mop comes in a variety of sizing options to suit your needs. You can rest assured that your teams are well equipped for anything, and that they will achieve a superior clean, in less time.

When selecting sizes, there are a few things to keep in mind. The type of wringer you use can impact the size of mop you will need, especially if you are working with a gear-driven wringer versus a squeeze wringer. The style of mop handle you are operating will also determine the headband width you should be looking at. For example, jaw-type mop handles should use a wide-band mop. On the other hand, mop handles with a bar that the mop band folds over need Narrow band mops.

Sold individually and in a case of 12


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