Simply Better Cleaning Kit

Our Gabriel First Simply Better Cleaning Kit starts you on the way toward using better-performing cleaners that will save you time and money. Cleaning will be easier and more effective, delivering significantly better results for your facilities, customers, and budget.


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Our Gabriel First Cleaning Solution Benefits:

  • Leave your facilities clean, safe, and sanitary
  • Improve staff morale and productivity due to superior product performance
  • Reduce product and chemical consumption with these specially formulated high-performance cleaners
  • High-performance products deliver lower end-use costs to save your budget dollars
  • Gabriel First’s seasoned support team helps to increase technical understanding and cleaning problem solving

The Simply Better Cleaning Kit includes:
Daily Hard Surface Cleaner ready-to-use spray bottle, 8 oz.
Window Cleaner ready-to-use spray bottle, 8 oz.
Tile, Grout, & Floor Cleaner Concentrate, 8 oz.
Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate, 8 oz.
Crème Cleanser ready to use, 8 oz.
Premium 16″x16″ Microfiber Cloth, 3 each (Colors may vary)
Detail Scrub Brush, 1 each
BONUS!  $20 coupon towards a future purchase (one-time use)

Daily Hard Surface Cleaner Formula 2601 is an eco-responsible, high-performance general cleaner with refreshing lemongrass fragrance for any hard surface that is safe to use water on. Daily Hard Surface Cleaner Formula 2601 is an excellent routine cleaner. Surfaces include counters, desks, tables, chairs, doors, door handles, walls, partitions, shelves, carts, high-contact surfaces, and more. Leaves hard surfaces clean, safe, and sanitary.
Use in spray bottles, spray & vac units, and dispensing systems. Product works in any temperature water.
Non-butyl, VOC-exempt, and biodegradable.

Window Cleaner Formula 2420 is a versatile, eco-responsible, quick-drying window cleaner with fragrance. No rinsing and streak-free. Designed with naturally derived ingredients that can be used to clean most surfaces including windows, glass, acrylics, plastics, plexiglass, TV/monitors, and more. Window Cleaner Formula 2420 is an economical solution. Each gallon of concentrate makes thirty-two gallons of ready to use cleaner.
Use in spray bottles and dispensing systems. Does not contain solvents, ammonia, or glycol ethers. Non-butyl, VOC-exempt, and biodegradable.

Tile, Grout & Floor Cleaner Formula 5105 is an eco-responsible, high-performance tile, grout, and floor cleaner with a refreshing orange citrus fragrance. Use for cleaning most types of hard flooring including tile, grout, concrete, epoxy, marble, terrazzo, granite, quarry tile, VCT, LVT, urethane, and more. Tile, Grout & Floor Cleaner Formula 5105 cleans and brightens floors leaving them clean, safe and sanitary. Tile, Grout & Floor Cleaner Formula 5105 quickly cuts through grease and soils. Use in spray bottles, mop buckets, autoscrubbers, foamers, pressure washers, spray & vac units, and dispensing systems. Product works in any temperature water. Non-butyl, VOC-exempt, and biodegradable.
Dilution Ratio:
**Dilution = concentrate per gallon of water
Floor Cleaning: Routine 1 – 2 oz
Deep Cleaning 4 – 8 oz (rinse recommended)
Spray Bottle: 1 – 2 oz
Mopster Bucketless Mop: ¼ – ½ oz per bottle refill

Bathroom Cleaner Formula 444 is an eco-responsible, high-performance cleaner with a refreshing lavender fragrance for bathroom, washroom, and shower areas. Bathroom Cleaner Formula 444 cleans, brightens, and freshens sinks, toilets, urinals, showers, shower walls (including tile), tubs, stainless steel, water fountains, and more. Use in spray bottles, mop buckets, foamers, spray & vac units, and dispensing systems. Product works in any temperature water. Non-butyl, VOC-exempt, and biodegradable.
Dilution (Concentrate per gallon of water)
Toilets and Urinals: Flush first and then, over the bowl, squeeze a small amount of cleaner onto a yarn toilet swab. Work cleaner around, flush, and continue to swab fresh water to rinse. Repeat to clean the pipes and traps.
Spray Bottle: 1 – 4 oz
Mop Bucket: 1 – 2 oz

Crème Cleanser is a ready-to-use scouring paste cleanser designed to remove stubborn build-ups, hard water spots, mineral deposits, scuffs, grease, rubber marks, and soap scum. Use on hard surfaces such as porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel, chrome, Formica, brass, and many more. Easy to rinse. Not for use on surfaces that may be harmed by mild abrasives.

Premium Microfiber Cloth is durable, absorbent, and can be laundered many times. Great all-purpose, utility cloth and multiple colors let you color code for your cleaning tasks. Each cloth weighs 43 grams on average. Available in many colors.

Detail Scrub Brush is a 7” tooth-brush shaped, stiff bristle brush for cleaning around faucets, fountains, and many other tight spaces. The angle and built-in finger grips save your fingers and knuckles!

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 11 in

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