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Ultra Gloss® 300 High Gloss Floor Finish

Set your teams up for success with this incredible high gloss floor finish. This extremely durable—and versatile—wet-look finish is a miracle worker. It helps achieve an astonishingly deep, long-lasting shine that holds its sheen and clarity against long periods of heavy traffic. This highly durable floor finish is ideal for high-traffic areas in schools, healthcare, retail, and more, and it’s able to work over a variety of flooring types.


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The flooring in your facilities is an investment that deserves to be showcased and well cared for. The condition of your building’s floors is always on display to customers and visitors, so making sure it’s always in the best possible shape should be a priority for your janitorial team. Ultra Gloss® 300 is just the product for that. Your teams won’t need to sacrifice functionality for style when they use this wet-look, high gloss floor finish. This hardworking acrylic floor finish is crystal clear, slip-resistant, and extremely durable. Its ability to hold up to heavy traffic while maintaining its deep lustrous shine makes it an ideal floor finish for busy areas in schools, healthcare, retail, industrial, and commercial facilities.

Ultra Gloss® 300’s unparalleled ingredients enable this high-gloss floor finish to last up to ten years or more without needing to be stripped. Reducing the frequency that your floors need to be stripped can add up to substantial savings, in both product and staff time. This high gloss floor finish provides exceptional results, its high durability will save your team time and product maintaining its sleek, deep, wet look shine. Other inferior floor finishes simply can’t handle heavy traffic and are prone to showing marks and scuffs which require extra time from your janitorial crew to remove. Make their lives easier, and your floors shinier, with Ultra Gloss® 300. Additionally its non-slip qualities are an additional bonus, especially in heavily trafficked areas such as exterior to interior doorways, helping to reduce slip and falls.

Ultra Gloss® 300 is highly versatile and can be used to seal and protect many types of floorings, such as VCT, VAT, epoxy/urethane, concrete, marble, terrazzo, laminate, and more. When you are preparing to order any floor finish for your buildings, the porosity of your floors will make a big difference in the amount of product you will need to successfully finish your floor. If your floor is very porous and has a lot of pits and dips, it will require more product to ensure an even finish versus a smoother floor that will require substantially less product to achieve the same look.

No matter what type of floor you need your crew to finish, Ultra Gloss® 300 can tackle it.

Coverage per Gallon: 1500-2500 sq ft

*** Note:   55 Gallon drum orders cannot be ordered online at this time. Please contact us at 800-873-2000 or to place the order.

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5 Gal. Pail, 55 Gallon Drum, Case of 4 Gallons

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When your teams are applying Ultra Gloss® 300 to the flooring in your facility, they should allow a minimum of 45 minutes cure time between coats. Humidity should also be considered when allowing coats to cure, as the more humidity there is in the air, the longer each coat will take to fully cure. To maximize durability, 3-4 coats of Ultra Gloss® 300 is recommended.

New York State OGS approved.

Non-Volatile Solid Content: 20%

Coverage: 1500-2500 sq ft per gallon


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