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Window Cleaner Formula 2420 with Fragrance

Enjoy gleaming, streak-free windows throughout your buildings when you stock your crews with our premier window cleaner. It leaves a crystal-clear finish without the strong odor that many other cleaners have. This lemon-scented, eco-responsible product is non-butyl, VOC-exempt, and biodegradable. The best part? It isn’t just for glass. It can also be used on acrylics, plastics, plexiglass, TVs, computer monitors, glasses, counters, tables, high-contact surfaces, and more.

Cost per use: 1 oz of concentrate per gallon of water = $0.29

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Save your team time by stocking their kits with our Window Cleaner Formula 2420. No need for multiple products when this versatile cleaner can be used on a variety of surfaces. It can tackle windows, glass, acrylics, plastics, plexiglass, TVs, computer monitors, glasses, counters, tables, high-contact surfaces, and more! 

The naturally derived ingredients of this eco-responsible product are more than just environmentally friendly; they also help make this window and hard surface cleaner dry quickly and without streaks.

Your team can feel good about using this high-performance window cleaner, as it has been formulated without solvents, ammonia, or glycol ethers. Its blend of superior non-butyl and VOC-exempt ingredients makes it versatile and eco-responsible. Additionally, this highly concentrated solution allows your crew to dilute the product and still see the same incredible results at a fraction of the cost! 

Plus, there’s no off-putting ammonia odor to mask after using this product. It’s ammonia-free and has a pleasant lemon fragrance. At Gabriel First, we take our products and fragrances seriously. When we make a scented product, we ensure that any added fragrances won’t detract from the performance and integrity of the product. Rest assured, our window cleaner, like our other scented products, doesn’t just smell good; it does good.

Window Cleaner Formula 2420 is sold in a 4-gallon case and 55-gallon drum*

* Note: 55 gallon drum orders cannot be ordered online at this time. Please contact us at 800-873-2000 or to place the order. 

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in

55 Gallon Drum, Case of 4 Gallons

Download Safety Data Sheet

This expert formula is highly economical. Each gallon of concentrate turns into thirty-two gallons of top-tier window cleaning solution! It’s best used in spray bottles or similar dispensing systems. For detailed dilution ratios, please refer to the chart below:


Dilution ratio:

**Dilution = concentrate per gallon of water

4 oz of concentrate per gallon of water



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