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Special Practices

  • Washing Commercial Kitchen Floor
    The quickest and most effective way to wash a kitchen floor is to mix up a solution of Gabriel Fast-1-2-3 EFP detergent with the coldest water possible. Liberally spread the solution and let it set for at least one minute and then VACUUM it up. Vacuuming will pull the “dirty” solution thoroughly and prevent the mixing of soiled solution with clean solution. The results will be clean, grease-free floors—especially on the lower grouted surfaces. Job completion time will be reduced dramatically. Last, but not least… A clean floor is a sanitary and odor-free floor.

  • Burnishing Raw Resilient Flooring Before Applying Floor Finish
    The procedure is not required, but the more life and shine that can be achieved before applying finish, the better the floor will look when you look straight down past your shoes at the floor. Again, it is not a must, but the added effect is worth the effort.

  • Wash a Vertical Surface From the Bottom Upward
    To prevent permanent streaking, a wall should be washed from the bottom upward and rinsed from the top down. By having solution running onto an already wetted area, the chances of ending up with permanent streaking is virtually nil.

  • Bonnet Cleaning a Carpet Surface
    When using a Gabriel Tantum-1 solution, follow product directions for surface cleaning and then use a rotary machine with a dry bonnet—liquid travels from a wet surface to a dry surface. When a bonnet becomes as wet as the treated surface, flip the bonnet or change to a clean, dry bonnet. When a bonnet becomes as wet as, or wet more than, the carpet surface, soil will not move into the wet pad.

  • Speed Drying Floor Finish With A Fan or Air Mover
    Never blow air directly across a wet floor finish. Doing so will cause the surface to dry before the rest of the wet film and thus lock in moisture and prevent the entire film to cure properly. Improper curing will trigger scuffs, black marks, and performance failure. Point fans and air moving equipment upward

  • Applying Floor Finish—Correct Number of Coats
    In the world of floor finish, many coats is not better, using very high solids does not improve wear and performance, heavy applications will work against you. Best results come from applying floor finish to a CLEAN, DRY surface in thin (but not dragging) coats, and use a quality finish mop. Allow about one hour between coats—high humidity conditions may require longer drying times. When using Gabriel Ultra Gloss “Wet Look” floor finish, 3 coats after stripping is usually sufficient—a fourth coat is optional and is generally not needed.

  • Washing Microfiber Materials Correctly
    Wash in cold water, rinse well, and allow to air dry. Do not place in a heated dryer. Heat will cause the microscopic fibers to melt together and reduce absorption.