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Better Chemicals Improve How Tools Perform

Not The Opposite

If housekeeping problems are driving you to mount a search for better tools, upgrading a chemical before spending money on “better” tools will deliver the best value.

Battling dirty grout often turns ones focus toward finding a better brush. Yet, the problem usually ends up being an inferior detergent, mop, and/or mop wringer.

Battling restroom odors often launches a quest for a magic odor-killing detergent or air spray. Yet, all that was needed was the correct detergent, mop, wringer, and a wet & damp mopping schedule.

Battling the loss of a “Wet Look” shine often draws the “wax wore off” statement. When, in reality, it was a poor detergent, soil-filled dust mop and an inferior wet mop that left a grit-filled soil film.

Searching for a “better” tool without making sure that a tested and certified chemical is being used, translates to bad results and money wasted.

Failure tends to lead to fingering a product as “the problem” rather than upgrading job practices under the guidance of a certified professional.

Gabriel TQH-Certified Tech Support
First, get all of the facts onto the table.

  1. What needs to be accomplished?
  2. What products & tools are being used?
  3. Drill-down questions about products, tools, and initial and upkeep practices.

Once the facts are known, a tech advisor will give insight as to “why” the problem exists and explain “how” to achieve a permanent solution. If the guidance achieves fruitful results, the same thinking may be used to resolve future challenges.

Bottom Line: Experience and integrity secure the foundation on which Gabriel Technical Support is fashioned. We are committed to serving only in the best interest of our customers.

Thank you for allowing me this visit.