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Landmark Success in Aesthetics, Safety, & Savings
Recently, a Buildings & Grounds manager e-mailed me the following facts: Before switching to the Gabriel Total Quality Housekeeping System, his product costs averaged 11.42¢ per square foot. The Gabriel TQH System, helped drop costs 74.6% to 2.9¢ per square foot. In addition, staff productivity doubled.

After seven years of using the TQH System, his floors have not been stripped and still look great.

Same achievements, different customer: Click here for another customer savings report.

The TQH System has been unmatched for 30 years. Formula adjustments have been made to comply with the latest Green and Government Standards. No other system compares with it for better results or lower costs.

We offer low-cost starter kits for you to test our products. Our Guarantee is Simple: You will be satisfied and wish to move forward, or we refund the cost of your starter kit(s).

We sometimes refrain from responding to a bid request because the request does not specify the expected performance. If price is the controlling factor and performance is not in the equation, bid requesters are setting themselves up for major failure. Cost-effective decisions are made using clear objective information.

Effective bids need to specify product performance levels in detail. e.g.

  1. A floor finish cannot give off burnishing dust and it must remain clear for a set number of years before stripping is required.
  2. Detergents must leave grout and baseboards soil-free (no build-up) after being wet-mopped.
  3. Detergents must remove 100% of the soil without leaving a dulling film.

Bottom Line: Facility managers and buyers need to have an optimum value mindset in order to maximize efficiency. Bid requests need to ensure the reduction of the greatest cost, LABOR. Product specifications must be clear about product performance requirements. As performance increases, product and labor costs decrease.

In real estate, value is found in, “Location, Location, Location”. In housekeeping, value is found in, “Performance, Performance, Performance”.

As always, thank you for allowing me into your day. The Gabriel Team looks forward to serving you.