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Loss Prevention Does Not Have To Be An Executive Nightmare

Clean and Safe facilities are not the first choice of personal injury lawyers.

Too often a school, restaurant, hospital, nursing home, etc. is cited or sued for a “slip & fall” accident or for someone dying from an infection contracted at the facility. The legal and insurance costs of dealing with such incidents most often add up to huge losses.

The term “Loss Prevention” is usually associated with retail store doorway electronic security devices that try to prevent shoplifting. Another set of words for Loss Prevention could be Cost Reduction Initiative. Stopping money from being wasted, stolen, or unnecessarily spent.

Floors that are free of left-behind soil (oil, fat, grease, & dirt residue)help prevent”slip & fall” accidents and costly lawsuits. Also,clean surfaces minimize the availability of germsand thus reduce the risk of grave infections.

Custodial practices achieve results that help reduce lawsuit and sick-day-losses. Our detergents work in cold water and deliver virtually 100% residue-free results–no left-behind soil (oil, grease, fat, & dirt).

Keeping a clean facility is the best strategy for minimizing absenteeism because removing soil removes germs. Minimizing the availability of germs is a manor step for preventing dangerous infections.

Finding ways to reduce costs without sacrificing product and/or service quality, is an excellent Loss Prevention practice.

Bottom Line: Faultless cleaning practices will help conserve money in many ways; from preventing lawsuits to reducing absenteeism and/or employee turnover.

Preventing million dollar accident- or medical-lawsuits are excellent loss prevention practices.  Averting insurance claims goes a long way to holding future premium costs in check.

Therefore, sanitation (cleanliness) is a major component of Loss Prevention.

The Gabriel Art of Cleaning cold water cleaning system will out-perform your current detergents while greatly improving staff productivity. Our chemicals will prove their excellence or the starter kit cost will be refunded.

Thank you for allowing me this visit.