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There is a huge difference between a proven method and the latest “miracle” product. There is a huge difference between lowest product price and lowest cost of product use.

There is also a huge difference between the sales line, “You will save a bundle” and “Here is a list of TQH System users who have slashed costs and increased productivity while making their facilities clean, bright, safe, and healthy.”

If you want to convert a dream of saving a huge amount of custodial dollars into real tangible results, call us for a brief chat. We have almost 50 years of experience guiding customers to achieving such great results and savings.

Wanting to save serious money is a noble thought. Deciding to work with facts and not hype, to seek experienced guidance over the same ole, same ole “buy this and I promise that” problem solving, is a solid act of leadership. Getting the job done at your facility to obtain the huge savings will be a bold accomplishment.

We are proud of our record for helping customers succeed. Our customers achieve what they desperately need–Great results, safe, easy-to-use products, and huge savings.

Gabriel, a TQH Certified vendor, is truly passionate about being able to help you achieve results and savings that are far beyond what you may have ever imagined.

Great success requires great passion. To help you achieve the greatest custodial program ever for the least cost ever, requires for you to be proactive and call us.

Albert Einstein is known for his quote about insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Working to cut cost in a program that has failed you many times over, is unsound, illogical, depressing, and a waste of money.

If you are being asked to do more with less, dont allow yourself to wait until someone else mandates a plan of action for you.

Be passionate and get down to business by taking the first step. Call us and learn the details for achieving results beyond your wildest dreams and savings up to 50% or more.

Money should not be an issue because the labor savings begins almost immediately and the product savings follow right behind. Again, the yearly savings will be up to 50% or more.

Call us to discuss your circumstances and ideas. 800-873-2000.

Thank you for allowing me this visit.