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Knowing the Difference Makes Success Easier

The first step in good housekeeping is to know the difference between Symptoms and Problems. Symptoms are warning signs of existing problems.

For instance: Lingering odors, severe floor wear, darkening floor finish, having to launder wet mops, airborne dust, carpet spots that seem to return, floor finish scuffs & black marks, burnishing dust, slippery floors, dirty grout, filthy door bottoms, baseboards, corners, mop buckets, wringers, and slop sinks.

Above may look like a list of problems, but, they are symptoms that will vanish when the problems triggering them are resolved. Solved problems irrefutably help maximize staff efficiency and minimize material & labor costs.

A leading problem for any of the above-listed symptoms is the use of ineffective detergents. Poorly-performing detergents leave soil behind that grab onto soil floating in the washing solution. The soil residue attracts soil at a greater rate than would a clean surface. Traffic grinds soil into a surface boosting the potential for costly damage and safety issues.

Often, a custodian gets blamed for shoddy workmanship or for wasting detergent by pouring too much into the wash solution or haphazardly performing tasks. When, in reality, the custodian is being held back by an ineffective detergent and/or the lack of professional training.

The responsibility of a custodial team is to keep a facility sanitary and pleasing, protect an owners investment, and help optimize budget dollars.

Before spending money on such things as replacing floor covering, it is essential that a study of current cleaning practices be performed. A study will help minimize future upkeep costs, prevent unacceptable sanitary conditions, and help eliminate early capital item replacements.

Gabriel helps customers find and correct housekeeping problems. Utmost success is realized when the initial focus is keyed on proper cleaning practices.

Thank you for allowing me this visit.