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Slash Costs… Improve Results… & Be Totally Green…

A Proven Harmonious Process

I admit that I used to handle solicitation e-mails by freely hitting “delete”. Being mindful that others may be as truthful in their messages as are we, I now quickly assess the message instead of just hitting “delete”.

So, if you are still with me, please allow me to explain the Gabriel Total Quality Housekeeping System. The TQH System will allow you to achieve custodial cost reductions of up to 50% or more. Virtually permanent savings.

A custodial process must be simple to understand and administer to ensure complete and continued success.

The major parts of the TQH System:

  1. Fewest number of top-performing products.
  2. A proven approach to empowering all staff levels.
  3. A Webinar continuing education & training program.

The TQH System is straightforward to ensure that all staff levels remain engaged and motivated. That everyone gains the confidence needed to excel beyond their wildest dreams. That no one is forced to live with failure.

What is the savings potential?Cut product cost up to 50% or more and as much as a doubling of staff output.

If the potential dollar savings stimulates your interest, here is more… Your facilities will be cleaner, safer, and brighter for less than your present costs… All within todays Green Standards. Our chemicals are Green Seal Certified.

Bottom Line: The TQH System is your fast-track to cutting costs up to 50% or more–a huge budget helper. Staff output begins improving immediately. Here is a customers spread sheet analysis.

Getting started is risk-free and easy. Since cleaning is the foundation of housekeeping, we recommend that you begin by purchasing the Cleaning Products Starter Kit displayed to the left. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Find Education and training at our website.

Moving forward with the TQH System does not require a contract. The only requirement is your commitment to achieving excellence for about half of your present costs.

As always, thank you for allowing me into your day. The Gabriel Team looks forward to serving you.