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Ultra Gloss Wet Look Floor System Images

Gabriel supports housekeeping leaders in their effort to empower their housekeeping professionals. When Gabriel TQH-Certified products are used by empowered personnel, the results are superb, costs are the lowest ever, and staff morale excels. Gabriel custom education and training materials are designed around TQH-Certified products.


The “Wet Look” floor care education and training system is a set of video links and printable work procedures as listed below. If you are using this education and training in a self-training session, print the corresponding procedure below and review it before watching the video.


If you are conducting a training session, print a procedure for each attendee and review it with them before proceeding with the video. Procedures have plenty of space for taking notes.


Prior to watching either training video, you may print a step-by-step typed procedure that matches the video steps. The printed procedure has plenty of space for trainees to make notes. A multilingual trainer may use the words in the video for real-time translation.


A video may be paused to allow class discussion or a Technical Advisor phone consultation.

Floor Stripping & Refinishing

"Wet Look" Floor Upkeep

Preventing Scuffs & Black Marks