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What Scare Awaits Us This Fall/Winter

Flu Season Seems to Sound Like Hurricane Season…
With a Must Act Now Message!

In the fall of each year, our pharmaceutical giants team up with government agencies and announce a soon-to-arrive newly-named health scare. It seems as though Mother Nature has nothing to say about it… It will be here and it will not be last years variety!

Our leaders seem to respond in only one fashion… Throw billions of dollars into the hands of manufacturers of vaccines, antibacterial hand soaps, lotions, and wipes. Very little is said about the easy, effective, and less expensive response of urging people to focus on washing germ-holding soil from hands and surfaces using soap and water.

Here are my humble thoughts for dealing with what seems to have become an annual sales rally.

1. Since our immune system makes great drugs to fight germs, lets be more proactive about developing better eating habits to enable our immune system to have the necessary nutrients “in stock” to make needed drugs to control a bodys germ count.

2. Outside of our bodies, germs must live in soil for food. It is not one or two germs that make us sick… We get sick when our immune system gets overwhelmed by too many of a certain germ. If the immune system is well-stocked with nutrients, germ-fighting is more successful and the body has better odds for remaining healthy.

3. To minimize the number of germs our body ingests, we need to minimize the availability of germs by removing as much soil as possible from the surfaces with which we make contact. The detergents we use to make up a cleaning solution must not leave soil residue when used properly. Gabriel Detergents will allow you to achieve the best results ever.

Its simple: Removing soil removes germs. If a surface is free of soil, it is free of germs. If we wash surfaces properly (and more frequently where necessary), germ counts will be low enough for our immune systems to prevail.

What about using anti-bacterial or disinfectant products for cleaning? The New York State Health Department said it perfectly in one of their childrens health bulletins about cleaning products: “Resist the use of anti-bacterial products as they encourage the growth of stronger germs.” When anti-bacterial (or disinfectant) detergents are used in an attempt to kill germs and remove soil, any left-behind soil (baseboard buildup, sink fixture crud, grout buildup, etc.) will become populated with stronger or disinfectant-resistant germs. Think about the danger of making contact with soil that is populated with only strong germs.

Drug manufacturers should always work to make better drugs. What we dont need are yearly pandemic scares trying to corral our population into thinking that all they need to do is get vaccinated and stock up on a host of anti-bacterial products. We need the whole truth.

Check with your doctor whenever you feel the need to do so. Until then, minimize the availability of germs by washing away soil using a residue-free detergent.

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