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Cafeteria Floor Stands Up To 13-Years of Tough Traffic & Still Does Not Require Stripping

The above headline is tied to a school complex enjoying excellent sanitation, abounding beauty, and enormous savings.

The district to which the school belongs has averaged a yearly product cost savings of just over 50%. In addition, staff productivity has skyrocketed unimaginably.

Great Success does not have to cost more. The accomplishments listed below may be tough for you to believe, but they are true. Take a few moments to check them out and then ponder about the savings awaiting you.

  1. A 3-minute Head Custodian interview about 13 years without stripping floors… With pictures.
  2. A Spreadsheet Video verifying great savings.
  3. A Building & Grounds Superintendent writes about how increased staff productivity is hard to compute to dollars saved when no one gets fired and the new-found time is used judiciously.

Thank you for allowing me this visit.