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Deep Extraction • Surface Bonnet Cleaning

Carpet Care Equipment

Because carpeting costs more per square foot than most resilient flooring, it is hyped that carpet cleaning is complicated and, if done correctly, extremely expensive.


You will enjoy remarkable results at the lowest costs ever! Enjoy outstanding results in less time using the fewest products.


The words “excellence,” “safe,” “sanitary,” “odor-free,” “truly clean,” and “fresh as new” will be used to describe your cleaning results using Tantum-1 carpet cleaner.


If you are conducting a training session, print a video’s written procedure for each class attendee. The procedure parallels the video and has plenty of space for writing notes.


We urge supervision to read a video’s written copy to class attendees. Supporting material continually changes to reinforce the verbal commentary. A multilingual leader may translate in real-time.


A video may be paused for class discussion or a Technical Advisor phone consultation.

Deep-Cleaning Carpet & Upholstery

Bonnet (Surface) Carpet Cleaning