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The difference between caring for an office versus a shop environment is that floor dressing care may require increased attention. Floors and other surfaces often require mechanical action (brush or pad) more frequently than would an office area. Yet, cleaning chemicals will remain the same because the soil is usually the same—most often, just an increase in the quantity of soil and sometimes soil with high levels of grease, oil, and fat binders.

Therefore, in high-soil situations, the cleaning chemical generally remains the same as for regular washing, scrubbing, and mopping (Gabriel Fast-1-2-3 EFP Cold Water Detergent) and the mechanical action may be upgraded to a bit more brush or pad aggression.

Where left-behind tile mastics or extremely heavy built-up soil needs to be removed, pre-scrubbing with a high-performance citrus-based degreaser (Gabriel Pursue-323) will remove most or all of the soil prior to a regular scrubbing as described above.

Restroom and shower areas are cleaned as per standard procedures. If there is a great amount of grease, oil, or animal fat binders being tracked onto the floors, wet mopping with Fast-1-2-3 EFP Cold Water Detergent will be a must and the service frequencies will be greater than for normal restroom and shower areas.

Bare concrete floors are usually more difficult and time consuming to maintain. Because soiling conditions in commercial and industrial areas may vary greatly, it is a general rule-of-thumb that sealed or coated floor and wall surfaces will cost less to maintain than will bare surfaces. That said, the use of a wrong sealer, paint, or coating can cause a variety failure issues as well as extreme correction costs that could have been prevented. The best course of action is to take pictures of the area(s) that you wish to address and consult with a Gabriel Technical Advisor prior to moving forward. Call 800-873-2000 or 585-381-7000 to speak with a Technical Adviser

Industry • Warehousing • Utilities

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