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Product Efficacy Either Saves Or Wastes Money

Chemicals and tools can make or break a housekeeping program. Inadequate cleaning results can devastate a budget, a facilitys sanitation and safety levels, a preventative maintenance program, or insurance costs.

Lets take a look at just three of the many purchasing decisions cleaning managers make.

1. Detergent
A detergent must be able to break-up and encapsulate 100% of the soil. Cold water quickly floats soil. A clean surface is sanitary, odor-free, and slip-resistant. Cleanliness ensures a positive impact on facility users.

We guarantee that our Art of Cleaning Starter Kit, containing Fast-1-2-3 EFP and Walls N All EFP detergents, will help you achieve the best cleaning results, in record time, for about one-half of your present cost.

2. Wet Mop
Wet mops perform three functions:

  • Absorb
  • Release
  • Provide Abrasive Action

Each function must be at optimum levels or the job will take more time to complete.

Wet mops need to be evaluated for:

  • Speed at which yarn absorbs liquid.
  • Absorbency %–liquid-to-yarn weight.
  • Speed of liquid getting squeezed out.
  • % of liquid the yarn will release.

Overview of Different Mop Yarns

Cotton: Excellent absorption and retention with a low initial cost. Hidden costs are that cotton requires breaking-in to remove its natural cotton oils–Needs to be washed (used) up to 5 times before yarn stops floating in mop bucket. Cotton dries slowly and is subject to mildew if the detergent does not allow for a 100% rinse. Once broken in, cotton deteriorates quickly.

Rayon: Breaking-in is not required and it will absorb and release liquid quickly. Rayon dries fast, is mildew resistant, but lacks the tensile strength of other synthetics. Rayon stays cleaner and lints less than does cotton. Its down-side is that it has poor liquid retention.

All Synthetic: Continuous staple fibers ensure superior tensile strength for durability and non-linting. Break-in is not required. Costs more than cotton, absorbs less than cotton, and is not able to hold liquids well.

Blended Yarns: Multiple yarns are blended with a focus on absorption, release, and durability to provide optimal performance. Performance ensures the lower labor costs and durability affords exceptionally low mop cost. They rank second to microfiber in performance.

Microfiber: It beats all other fibers and fiber combinations in performance and labor cost. High quality microfiber exceeds the best blended mop for absorbency by 30% and liquid release by 65%. Microfibers are split to make more strand surfaces compared to the single surface of regular yarn. Microfibers hold up to 7 times their weight in liquid.

3. Mop Wringer
A quality gear-driven mop wringer will allow you to perform at maximum efficiency–Squeeze the most liquid possible out of a wet mop. Not all wringers are equal, so do your homework before buying. For grouted floors, use a water vacuum with a double-bladed squeegee. The moving air of the vacuum will reach down into the grout for a more complete soil removal which will allow a floor to dry more quickly.

Minimizing the cost of clean floors requires:

  • The best detergent.
  • The best wet mop.
  • The best wringer.

If you allow us to guide you, we GUARANTEE success beyond your wildest dreams or we will refund the money you spent on getting started.

As always, thank you for allowing this visit.