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Fine-Tune Your Cleaning Fundamentals

Huge Difference Between Melting and Emulsifying

Soils are substances residing where they are not wanted. For example, milk in a glass versus milk on the floor. There are two soil groups: Acid and Alkaline. Both are dis-solvable in water.

Binders (grease, oil, animal fat) act as “glue” to hold soils together and to surfaces. Binders are not dis-solvable in water.

Hot water, containing a common, run-of-the-mill detergent, may look as though it performed well because heat melted the binders causing them to release their hold on visible soil. Binders without soil particles are virtually invisible as they move freely throughout the hot water.

As water cools, mediocre detergents or detergents not formulated to work in cold water, allow the melted binders to re-solidify. Binders attach to cooler surfaces (floors, grout, baseboards, carpet fibers, etc.) to create an invisible film that snags soil in the “dirty water” and accelerates the collection of new soil.

The “old” problems return: Rapid soil build up, dull surfaces, streaks, slippery floors, lingering odors, and premature floor finish darkening.

When hot water is used in carpet cleaning, the invisible melted binders wrap around the colder fibers to hasten the collection of new soil. Because some of the binders remain in the carpet, the collection of new soil seems to take on the shapes of the “just-cleaned” spots. Gabriel Tantum-1 Carpet Cleaning Concentrate is formulated to work in cold water.

In drains, as the hot water carrying the grease cools, the grease begins to thicken and become a solid mass. The mass will build as more grease-loaded hot water cools as it flows over the cooler already-attached binders. As the binders build, slow draining and clogging becomes an issue.

Both of our cold water detergents, Fast-1-2-3 EFP for general cleaning and Walls N All EFP for restroom and shower cleaning, will give you the best cleaning results ever. Soil is broken up into microscopic pieces (emulsified), encapsulated, and completely removed.

Equally as Important: Our detergents will keep the binders and soils emulsified and free flowing down the drain and along the sewer system.

Click here for a video on effective binder removal.

As always, thank you for allowing me into your day. The Gabriel Team looks forward to serving you.