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Foaming Hand Soap w/Lemon Fragrance

This environmentally conscious, light, and pleasantly fragranced foaming hand soap is nice on the nose and ready to use straight out of the container. This carefully selected blend of natural emollients will leave hands clean and moisturized! Set your staff up for success, knowing everyone’s hands are clean and smelling great.

Sold 4 gallons per case

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Washing hands is the most important way to reduce transmission of viruses and bacteria that can make people sick. We all understand that regular hand washing is key to keeping germs at bay; the more regularly hands are washed, the less likely germs will be spread around on surfaces. But choosing the right type of soap to stock in hand wash dispensers comes down to more than just price. Liquid and gel soaps tend to make an additional mess for the janitorial crew to clean up. Plus, those soaps can have an overly strong added fragrance. We’ve created this foaming hand soap to solve both those issues.

Our foaming hand soap is formulated with natural emollients. It’s lighter to the touch, and unlike many other hand soaps that tend to try your skin out with frequent use, our soap will leave your hands moisturized. Because the liquid turns into a foam when dispensed, it doesn’t make the same mess that more traditional hand soaps often do, which should make this product a big hit with your janitorial staff. Not only will this soap create less mess for your teams, but it’s also ready to use straight out of the bottle. No mixing or diluting required for this product; simply refill the soap pump dispensers as needed.

No one loves a super-strong, artificial fragrance lingering on their hands after they’ve washed them. This gentle lemon fragrance is pleasant without being overwhelming, making it a great choice for your staff and patrons.

If you’re trying to redirect your building’s sanitary journey down a more eco-conscious path, our products are the answer. We pride ourselves on creating highly effective, eco-responsible products. Your crews can proudly fill dispensers with this soap while knowing they are making a positive impact on their environment.

Sold 4 gallons per case

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in

4 gal case

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Your team doesn’t need to worry about diluting this product prior to use. It comes ready to go straight out of the bottle! Simply refill the dispensers as needed, and it’s ready to use.

To make sure you get the full foamy benefits of this product, ensure your building’s soap dispensers are suitable for foaming hand soap.

Dilution: Ready to use


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