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High Max Microfiber Duster Kit

High-quality tools make it faster and easier to achieve a high-quality clean. Our High Max Microfiber Duster Kit picks up every speck of dust instead of spreading dust around—so your crew can dust a spot once and be satisfied that it’s clean.

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Dust doesn’t discriminate. It gathers everywhere and anywhere! Regardless of the facilities you’re overseeing—from schools to hospitals to restaurants and more—you need to arm your janitorial crew with a high-quality microfiber duster that makes quick work of dust and debris.

The High Max Microfiber Duster Kit is the solution to your crew’s dust problems! It’s a lightweight, lambswool-style duster with a microfiber head and a 3-section telescoping handle. The dense pile of microfiber significantly increases pick-up and holds onto dust and cobwebs instead of displacing them as many other dusters do. This high-tech blend of fibers is also super soft, so there’s no fear of accidentally scratching any surfaces as your team dusts around your facility. Other microfiber dusters are typically produced with cheaper materials and tend to fray quickly around their stitching and other high wear points. However, since our dusters are made from the best materials, you don’t need to worry about them falling apart after use. These dusters were made to work!

Areas that aren’t in direct sight—like vents, fans, and blinds—are often overlooked for cleaning. However, they still accumulate dust. And since dust build-up is a prime spot for additional germs and bacteria to hang out and grow, these tricky, hard-to-see areas could compromise the cleanliness of your facility. Stop this unnecessary build-up by adding the High Max Microfiber Duster into your janitorial team’s routine cleaning schedule in all your facilities. The telescoping handle extends out to 60” which makes even those hard-to-reach places fully accessible, and enables your crew to achieve a higher level of cleanliness in your buildings. 

It’s time to move away from those traditional style dusters that don’t just displace the dust you are trying to eliminate, but they also make it worse! They do this by shedding small pieces of lint or feathers as they’re being used. Microfibers are the superior choice, as they are more durable, cost-effective, and better at actually picking up and removing particles, without shedding themselves. Make the switch today!

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

The telescopic handle has an extension range of 60”, making it great for those hard-to-reach places. 

When the duster becomes heavily soiled, simply shake it out. For a more thorough clean, the duster can be vacuumed; the suction won’t damage the stitching or the dense lambswool-style fabric. 

While these dusters are made from the highest quality materials and will outwork and outlast their competition, they will eventually need to be replaced. We are proud to also offer duster refills, which can be found here


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